The design world is abuzz with various color trends poised to redefine residential and commercial environments. These trends promise to inject new life into spaces and align them with contemporary tastes, ensuring they remain stylish and current. This year, the emphasis is on versatility, sustainability, and personalization, reflecting broader societal shifts and innovations in design thinking. Below are color trends making a large impact on design this year:

Source: Benjamin Moore

Earthy Organic Hues

Earthy and organic hues lead the way, bringing a sense of calm, grounding, and connection to nature. Warm terracottas like Benjamin Moore Topaz 070 (or its lighter sister, Teacup Rose 2170-50), soothing clay tones, and rich greens like Benjamin Moore Regent Green (2136-20) emphasize sustainability and eco-conscious living. These colors work beautifully in large living spaces, office environments, and commercial settings like hotels and restaurants, offering a tranquil retreat from the digital world.


Bold and Saturated Colors

On the flip side, bold and saturated colors make a statement, challenging the traditional palette with deep blues, vibrant greens, and energizing jewel tones, like Hazy Lilac (2116-40). The Benjamin Moore color of the year is deep and rich, making us want to paint all of our lower cabinets or kitchen island in dreamy Blue Nova (825).  Bold and saturated hues are perfect for creating focal points, branding elements, and dynamic spaces that encourage creativity and innovation. Large-scale applications include accent walls in corporate offices, creative studios, and thematic restaurants, where they can stimulate engagement and uplift the spirit.


Neutral and Sophisticated Palettes

The timeless appeal of neutral tones continues but with a twist. Sophisticated palettes featuring warm greys, off-whites, and muted beiges are becoming more nuanced, with undertones that add depth and complexity. Our favorites include Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17), Pristine (OC-75), and Antique Pewter (1560). These colors provide a versatile backdrop for both modern residential developments and commercial spaces, allowing for flexibility in decor and highlighting architectural features without overwhelming the senses.


Biophilic Color Schemes

Reflecting the growing biophilic design trend, color schemes that mimic natural environments are rising. Think ocean blues like Polar Sky (1674), forest greens, and mineral-inspired neutrals. These palettes foster a sense of well-being and productivity, making them ideal for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and workplaces focused on employee wellness.


Metallics and Iridescent Finishes

Adding a touch of glamour and innovation, metallics and iridescent finishes are also weaving their way into the 2024 color trends. Copper, gold, and brushed silver offer a sophisticated edge to commercial spaces, luxury residences, and boutique retail environments. When used thoughtfully, these elements can elevate a project, adding a layer of luxury and futuristic appeal. We recommend keeping these finishes to metallic accents in your space rather than with paint.


Implementing Color Trends in Large-Scale Projects

The challenge and opportunity lie in integrating these color trends into large-scale projects in an impactful and timeless way. It involves not just a superficial application of color but a deep understanding of the space’s function, the users’ needs, and the overall vision for the project. Collaboration with experienced painting professionals who can navigate the complexities of large-scale applications is crucial.


At Paint Doctor, we’re excited to partner with you in bringing these color trends to life, ensuring your projects are contemporary, meaningful, and inspiring. Contact us today to schedule your free in-person consultation.